Is the Pplops Crew Right for You?

Instinctually, you may think not. 😂 Nothing like an awkward brand to make you do a double take, huh?

But let’s dive a little deeper here.

There is a new way of doing business that clearly acknowledges what any seasoned business leader already knows; that people can make or break a business.

The best idea in the most open market can still fail if the right people are not brought on board and developed for success. Yet a focused, aligned, passionate team all rowing in the same direction can find massive success through even the narrowest of passages.

This is the era of People Ops. Aka Pplops. 🤷‍♀️ Just go with it.

Join the Pplops Crew

What is it?

Only available to those who are leading talent or people ops teams (incl HR), Pplops Crew events provide both an excellent networking opportunity and the perfect chance to learn and share with those who are currently tackling the same challenges as you.

Plus, we have fun. And food! 😁

When is it?

The Pplops Crew meets monthly to discuss challenges, hacks and innovations that make companies better.

We meet at a yummy restaurant 😋 in the Phoenix area on the second Tuesday of each month.

This is a free, invite-only event.

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Every Problem is a People Problem

By having better systems and processes we maximize output.

By having better leaders and cultures we maximize happiness.

Maximized output + maximized happy = Kickass teams that make big things happen 💪

Meet the Facilitator

Christie Kerner

Christie Kerner

Fractional Chief People Officer

Christie Kerner has been leading people and building companies for over 21 years. With experience in lifting companies from nothing to millions in revenue, building and scaling global teams with hundreds of team members and serving as an executive in companies with thousands of people… there isn’t a lot she hasn’t seen.

It was long before Christie got a Masters in Management and Leadership that she fell in love with the human side of business. Her lifelong study of emotional intelligence paired with her habit of building successful businesses – and helping others do the same – combine to make her a excellent leader and advisor to those who care about creating amazing companies and working with the best talent.

Christie is a very active connector in the #yesphx Phoenix business community. She was formerly the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in the W. P. Carey School of Business and the Executive Director of Student Entrepreneurship across Arizona State University. She is now the Founder and CEO of My Little Mascara Club, a Fractional CPO and Leadership Coach at H Factor, and the Director of Venture Development for StartupAZ Foundation’s StartupAZ Collective series where she helps top AZ tech companies create more success.

Let's do this. Pplops Crew FTW.