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Why a Fractional CPO

Startups, or growth companies, move quickly through the unavoidable stages of company growth.  So, they tend to feel the impact of any people problems in a major way.

Once a company tops 20 people it faces a new set of challenges that are heavily people-oriented.  Leadership must change their focus and style, and communication begins to suffer as there are now sub teams that don’t have natural touchpoints across the organization.

It’s not until the team reaches about 50 people that it typically makes sense to hire a full-time Chief People Officer or executive level Head of Talent.

A fractional CPO is the perfect bridge.

Do you lead talent or people ops?

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What We Do

Common areas of focus include:

  • stand up HR and hiring processes, including applicant tracking system (ATS) and HR system selection and implementation

  • define benefits and compensation models

  • create and implement a performance management system

  • creative perks and incentive programs

  • train, mentor or lead (and develop!) junior HR team members

  • talent development plans

  • design organizational growth plans including clear role definitions and job descriptions

  • team coaching to overcome interpersonal challenges

  • help key team members get unstuck

  • architect company or leadership retreats or team building events

  • establish company values and mission

  • right person right seat on the bus analysis

  • maintain and promote employer brand and culture

  • improve interdepartmental communication

We are here for you

Our fractional CPO services start at just $3,000/mo. Tell us a bit about what your current challenges are and we’ll be in touch soon for a free consultation.

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