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Speed + Quality

We know you need someone yesterday. And, time kills deals. So, we prioritize based upon your sense of urgency.

Straightforward Agreements

We like win-win arrangements.  20% standard direct hire fee, or work with us exclusively and we’ll make that 17%.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We aren’t new at this; our team knows how to spot talent and has a strong network and reputation.

We find key executives and IT/tech talent

We are laser focused on providing talent in two areas:

Key Executives

Key Executives (C-Suite, Head of, or Exec VP) for startups and companies with teams of 25-250 people

Tech Talent

Tech/IT Talent for companies with teams of 50-5000 people that value finding the top tech talent (developers, system admins, data scientists, business analysts, project managers, etc)

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